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Deconstructivism Lecture Notes 15/02/2011

Deconstructive Graphic Design- Lecture Notes- 15/02/2011

Deconstruction became the main mode of graphic design in the 60's. The work produced is a model for the integration of theory and practise together, its a perfect example of a practise that relies on theory or inversely a theory that relies on practice.

Post modernism

-Po-mo attitude of questioning conventions
-Po mo aesthetic=multiplicity of styles and approaches

  • Deconstruction= approach associated with post-structuralism and Jacques Derrida
  • Blended with 20's Russian constructivism= de-constructivism in architecture
  • Visually interpreted in Graphic Design= sometimes called deconstructionism

What is deconstruction...?

Approach to texts which analysis their systems of representation- the systems which frame their communication. (Of Grammatology 1966 trans 1976)

Writing and Speech. Writings purpose is to immitate speech,

Speech- interior to the mind, requires no equipment, spontaneously learned, natural, organic, present subjects.

Writing- Exterior to the mind, requires equipment, culturally constructed, artificial, copy, absent subject.

David carson ray gun Magazine 1992 -95

His take on deconstruction, type that is hard to follow and seeks to reveal more than you expect. Its more of an explosion and onslaught of graphic design insanity, that overwhelms you and overcomes what you're thinking.

David Carson- The end of print

Deconstruction became a style very quickly influencing architecture and other forms of art.
Peter Eisenman- Tokyo office block

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