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Lecture 2 : Technology Will Liberate Us

Technology will liberate us – Joannna Geldard 2011


Technological conditions can affect the collective consciousness.

Technology trigger important changes in cultural development.

Walter Benjamins essay ‘The work of art in the age of mechanical reproductions’ 1936, significantly evaluates the role of technology through photography as an instrument of change.


Draw a doodle,
Faithfully copy this
And again…
And again…

Anything that is copied or reproduced becomes something entirely different, an image in its own right or just merely an image representation of the original.

There are some artists who use this process to critically develop their work.

Machine Age; Modernism.

Walter Benjamin and mechanical reproduction

The age of technology and art.
-Parallel and specific to new developments;
a duality expressing the zeitgeist.
-Dialectical due to the coy, reproductive nature and the role of the original.
-The aura and uniqueness of art.

The camera eye is still a very big fascination because it can come from a  number of points. It comes from lots of different viewing points and perceptions, which creates the theory of originality.

dziga vertov -  man with a movie camera 1921

The camera eye has a variable gaze and Benjamin claims it has a new consciousness as a result, and represents technological progress and its faith in it.

The value of thought behind a piece of work is valued more than the work itself, technology changed this when modes of production and modes of consumption because the value of work is changed.
With photography comes the de-materialization of art and design. We don’t have to deal with an object at all.

Richard Hamilton 1922 dada. Using technology of the time to create image. Instead with photography images and objects are ordered and coded and styled.

Karl  Maex and technology

-Associated with the r term technological determinism. How technological determines economical production factors and affects social conditions.

-The relationship of technological enterprise to other aspects of human activity.

Dialectical Issues

-Technology drives history
-Technology and the division of labour
-Materialistic view of history
-Technology and Capitalism and production
-Social Alienation of people form aspects of their human nature as a result of capitalism.

Post modern Post Machine

 Many electronic works were still made with modern aesthetic.
Emergence of information and conceptual based works.
The computer a natural metaphor.
A spirit of openness to industrial techniques
Collaborations between art and science.

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