Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lecture 7 : Identity

Lower classes follow by the trickle down theory,

Emulation, Distinction, "The Mask of Fashion" -The thoery of hiding behind what we wear.

Georg Simmel- The feeling of isolation is rarely as decisive and intense when one actually finds oneself physically alone.

Simmel suggest that; because the speed and mutability of modernity, individuals withdraw

Discourse Analysis: Identity is constructed out of the discourses culturally available to us.

What is a Discourse?

Possible discourses: Ages, Class, Gender, Nationality, race etc...

Class: In terms of class, class only becomes justifiable when considered in relation to other classes. Humphrey Spender/Mass observation, Worktown Project 1937. The worktown project was produce by a group called Mass Observation where they produced a series of photographs looking at other classes and how other classes relate to eachother.

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