Monday, 14 May 2012

Dissertation // Mini Seminars

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring a range of different ideas and concepts in the planning for our dissertation proposal so we are ready to start conducting our research over summer. These have been split into 8 different sessions with a minimum of attending 3. The dissertation is a minimum of 8000 words and should consist of at least 4 sections/chapters without including the introduction or conclusion.

 SEMINAR 1 - Design & Social Change
 SEMINAR 2 - Design & Accessibility
 SEMINAR 3 - Design & Sustainability

 SEMINAR 4 - Design & Consumerism
 SEMINAR 5 - Design & The Future 
 SEMINAR 6 - Design & Interaction 

Design for Social Change

Design & The Future

I really enjoyed the design and the future lecture with Richard, I definitely think this will  be one of the main areas I decide to focus on. So far I've got a few Ideas in the works, the main one being based on the city of Masdar in Abu Dhabi. A eco friendly project costing $22 billion, and aimed to be complete in 2025, funders are trying to create a fully sustainable, zero carbon and zero waste city. I wanted to talk about how design is adapted to suit our perception of the future made from predictions of our current surroundings and environment.

The first phase of Masdar City - a $22 billion eco-project - is completed in 2015. This huge development is located outside of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Entirely pre-planned and self-contained, it is the world's first carbon neutral, zero waste and fully sustainable city. A multitude of green technologies are utilised - including a solar power plant, rooftop photovoltaics, wind farms, geothermal sources and a hydrogen power plant. The city's water needs are fulfilled by a solar-powered desalination plant. There are extensive recycling systems too.

Masdar City will initially be home to around 7,000 residents and 15,000 commuters. Its commercial sector is primarily concerned with the manufacture of environmentally-friendly products. Automobiles are banned from the city, residents instead using integrated forms of mass transit and personal rapid transit. It is connected to the rest of Abu Dhabi through rail and existing roadways. It contains a university and an institute of science and technology.

Masdar City will undergo major expansion. The final phase of the project will be completed by 2025, covering an area of 6 sq km (2.3 sq mi). By then, it will contain over 50,000 residents and 1,500 businesses.

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